Lucky Bastard has received some terrific reviews, feature stories and interviews with our cast & filmmakers in numerous print and online outlets during our theatrical release and leading into our VOD premiere… here are some highlights:


LUCKY BASTARD starring Betsy Rue, Available on Demand May 15th

LUCKY BASTARD explodes onto VOD this May! 

Robert Nathan’s Found Footage Flick LUCKY BASTARD hits VOD this week! 

LUCKY BASTARD creeping into your home on VOD 

LUCKY BASTARD Hits The Jackpot 

“So how does Lucky Bastard manage to be so good? A solid cast, led by Betsy Rue and Don McManus is the key, performing a sharp, character-driven script by Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan”

Lucky Bastard is a bold little thriller… First-time director Robert Nathan who co-wrote the clever, resourceful and at times darkly wry script with Lukas Kendall, effectively combines the eclectic footage to form a kicky, highly involving narrative.”
Gary Goldstein, LA Times

“Not what you would expect… truly a unique and expert piece of cinema.”
Debbie Rochon, Fangoria

“Just when you thought the found-footage horror subgenre was stuck in a rut, here comes pornography to the rescue… Lucky Bastard is one of the best found-footage movies to come along in years….Guided by a collection of strong, authentically raw performances from his cast, Nathan pulls off something that most found-footage moviemakers fail miserably at: he makes the characters, the world, and the situations all seem real.”
Matt Barone, Complex Magazine

FILMMAKER MAGAZINE: The NC-17 Rating Needs To Be Abolished (We Should Know, We Made an NC-17 Movie) written by the Lucky Bastard filmmakers

MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE: How They Did It: When Genres Collide: Making NC-17 Found-Footage Porn Thriller Lucky Bastard:

Indiewood / Hollywoodn’t: Filming Into The Mirror

“It grabs you from the first frame onwards… A hot found footage / porn-thriller / mockumentary… A very well made piece of dark, nasty entertainment”
James van Maanen, TrustMovies 

“One of the best found footage movies I’ve seen in ages… entertaining, disturbing and well-made… A hidden gem”
Joshua Handler, Robopocalypse

“I was more than pleasantly surprised by just how entertaining and yeah, clever Lucky Bastard was… Ultimately, I think what I liked about the film so much was how deftly it handled some pretty important modern-day issues. Yes, in a film about porn going wrong – I know, I know, I heard me too, but hear me out. It’s a film which doesn’t parade its bigger ideas, but by its very nature it’s asking questions about the intersection between the internet and real life. Identity, fantasy, and the relationship between the two are brought into a pretty neat focus during the film: when is a person acting, and when are they themselves?”
Brutal As Hell 

“Lucky Bastard succeeds as an effective look into traditional sub-culture gradually becoming better assimilated into mainstream necessity as result of economic hardship… the film’s commentary on a shared contemporary social experience is undeniable; a society where aggro-fetishization has not only found itself within mainstream culture, but is also as a reflection of the current nature of interpersonal intimacy and financial necessity.”
Indiewood / Hollywooldn’t

InTheLab interview with director Robert Nathan

Horror Central interview with actress Betsy Rue

LATINO-REVIEW interview with director Robert Nathan

StarPulse: interview with director Robert Nathan

Maxim Magazine (exclusive clip premiere)
“Definitely worth checking out if you’re into horror movies”

FANGORIA (exclusive clip premiere)

LATINO-REVIEW (exclusive clip premiere)

TWITCH (exclusive clip premiere)

Feeling less like a found footage film, and more like a reality show, LUCKY BASTARD succeeds at every point, giving viewers a brutally honest, sometimes harsh and very graphic look at an industry built on exploitation.
Jerry Smith, The Martyr Cycle

A frank, fascinating and decidedly “adult” piece of horror filmmaking.
Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

One of the great aspects of this film, thanks to writers Nathan (who directed) and Kendall is that they make the audience understand that the people who make porn are real people, with homes, bills, and kids to care for. Too often the media’s portrayals of those who work in this industry are dehumanizing. It also manages; in spite of what some feminists might claim, to actually empower the two main female characters.They are strong, don’t put up with nonsense and to them, having sex in front of a camera is merely acting.
Brian Milinsky, Tail Slate

A soulful lead performance by Betsy Rue, along with director Robert Nathan’s refusal to exploit LUCKY BASTARD’s racy milieu, ground this compelling found-footage thriller about a porn shoot gone wrong.
Chuck Wilson, L.A. Weekly

LUCKY BASTARD contains a number of standout performances, but it is the role of the morally compromised porn website owner, Mike as essayed by noted character actor, Don McManus that truly draws attention the actor’s incredible range. McManus ​creates a vile and empty reptilian businessman who eventually becomes a symbol of how far some industry players will go to draw and hook web viewers in search of gratifying their sometimes base carnal desires. It is a performance that deserves recognition and one hopes that the actor will receive kudos for literally inhabiting a character that truly is the real villain among others and literally steals this film and makes it his own!
Oscar Benjamin,

LUCKY BASTARD is a brave film that isn’t afraid to show it all, the ugly and the pretty of porn. In the opening minutes, the filmmakers tell us that porn sites have been pushing the envelope for years and that sooner or later that envelope will leave one hell of a paper cut. Well, this paper cut was pretty deep with LUCKY BASTARD and the film deserves props to trying something different with the found footage genre.
“Ambush Bug,” Ain’t It Cool News

LUCKY BASTARD is NC-17 rated and won’t be for everyone, though the picture ultimately isn’t gratuitous, especially considering the subject matter. In fact, outside of its porn story component, it’s a punchy, well-performed thriller that ultimately keeps your attention for all of its 90 minutes. A recommended view, especially for adventurous viewers.
Andre Dursin, The Aisle Seat

It’s crude, appalling, highly offensive…and I absolutely loved that about it. Far more impressive was how clever the setup is, and how, by using amateur porn as its backdrop, instantly justifiable its own low-fi aesthetic becomes… This movie feels like it was made for $5,000, and by design looks so, yet never once left me bored or disinterested.
Jake Dee, Arrow in the Head

Audacious and dark in just the right way. Within the “found footage” genre, with Blair Witch Project setting the bar high, this film has a lot of new things to say. It provides a number of intense original moments. There is an excellent horror/thriller vibe to this movie and Hellraiser editor Tony Randel can share some of the credit along with cinematographer Clay Westervelt and unit production manager Jim Wynorski.
Henry Chamberlain, Comics Grinder

The sex in LUCKY BASTARD is not sexy—it is showy, obviously artificial, business-like, noisy—but not sexy. Betsy Rue’s Ashley pouts and bats her eyes at the camera, wiggles around seductively, but it’s so disingenuous that it’s more laughable than anything else. She is sexy, however, when Ashley jokingly sexy-talks about doing her taxes, doing laundry, and being a single mother—it’s her genuine moments, when she talks about what matters to her and how she feels about her job, that make her sexy. Overall, LUCKY BASTARD is a refreshing and complex look at the controversial world of adult film and a unique use of an overused film style.
Bethany Lewis, Film Snobbery

An engaging story about the price of personal dignity and what it costs to buy and to relinquish… Aside from the flesh shots and the backstage pass to a porn production, writers Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan tell a thrilling story that makes you think with your brain and not other parts of your body.
Clara Armstrong,

The cast is very strong, with Paulson going from Everyman innocence to outrage fluidly. Rue is charming, smart and sympathetic. McManus makes Mike a very recognizable Hollywood type, glib and proficient, with glints of pain and weariness peeking through the smooth exterior…. For thriller fans who can take some tough fare—especially those with deep suspicions about “reality” programming—LUCKY BASTARD is a real find.
Abbie Bernstein, Assignment X

Puts an imaginative spin on what is too often a sloppy low-budget aesthetic, easily outstripping charges of empty gimmickry… Perhaps the highest compliment one can pay LUCKY BASTARD is to say that it’s effective and also quite believable for the story it chooses to tell—well sketched out, and sincere in its characters’ motivations.
Brent Simon, Shock Ya

LUCKY BASTARD is the very rare cinematic and suspenseful found footage film…for its innovative use of the found footage conceit and its above-par indie acting, LUCKY BASTARD is worth a peek.
Stacy Layne Wilson, Yahoo Voices

There is not more that I can say other than the fact that I went in a skeptic and came out a believer.
Victor Caro, Geek Grotto


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